Who will 'water' this next generation, with care? Only the Creator has the right way ...

Who will 'water' this next generation, with care?  Only the Creator has the right way ...
for bringing them up whole!

Not A Gloom and Doom Preacher!

I am not a gloom and doom preacher. I was touched and taught by the Holy Spirit, thirty years ago, with the Word of faith message; no man taught that (in depth) to me. My anointed teacher the Holy Spirit, along with the Written Word of God, taught that to me. Step by step, reformation and transformation came into my life by His teaching! Everything GOOD and awesome. Works of God in my life that if you only had the time, I could tell you about! Things you may not even believe.

In 1979 however, in the midst of learning about God's GOODNESS, about the wrong teaching in the church that had kept me from truly coming to know Him and the life that He had for me, in the midst of all of that, He spoke powerfully to me and said, "Ginger, there is darkness and gross darkness coming upon the earth in days that are soon coming." He then went on to quote Isaiah 60: 1,2 to me:

Arise, shine for thy light has come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee. For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people; but the Lord shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee.

At that same time, in that setting, He poured out in me a vision of that darkness; something I never would have asked to see.

He spoke me that He would begin, by His Spirit, to supernaturally fill me with songs, 'These songs are to be used to prepare the people for the second coming of my Son to the earth. Go! Prepare the way, just as John the Baptist did, the first time."

Only a few days later, I heard for the first time in my life, a song being sung in my spirit. And that was confirmation enough for me. That began the work that all these years later, continues on in me.

Throughout the years, from 1979 all the way to this present day, He has spoken and still speaks, revealing to me things that are coming. Things that are already here!

And that darkness is growing seemingly darker and darker as days go by - really dark these days!


So many lives hanging in the balance, under the jurisdiction of our decisions...

So many lives hanging in the balance, under the jurisdiction of our decisions...
in homes, in schools, in culture and in government!

On My Knees...Before the Darkness Rolled In.

On My Knees...Before the Darkness Rolled In.
I have had many, many 'high' times in the Lord. I have walked with Him in those promised high places. I have seen His goodness!

Since the year 1989 however, and especially since the year 1999 and in an even greater measure since the year 2004, I have to say that I have found myself spending more time on my face (weeping in travail) than I ever dreamt I could, would, or should. My focus, as of late, has not been on all of God's goodness to me but rather I am experiencing an ongoing 'screaming' in my spirit (from the Holy Spirit) over those who are in such need of that goodness and are not yet recipients of it!

I hear ministers on Christian television today, saying in essence, much the same as what I would have to say right now. I have seen such visions recently; had the Lord take me into such deep places with Him, all over the things that are coming and have already come upon the face of the earth. I can tell you, honestly, that those visions, dreams, prophetic utterances and visitations from the Lord, have had me in such derision, for such long periods of time - I can't begin to articulate it to you!

God's heart is breaking over what things are taking place in the earth today! It is WEIGHTY! It is HEAVY!

He has shown me that the same thing is in the earth today, as was in the earth when Jesus went to the garden of Gethsemane. The same heaviness that was present when Jesus went to the Cross, and the same heaviness that caused the disciples to fall asleep under it's very pressure at the most pivotal and climactic period in the history of mankind, is present with us in this very day!

There is in our day, such an intense battle going on in the spiritual realm, in a place where the natural eye is incapable of seeing! There is a WARRING going on in the heavens - BELIEVE ME - when I tell you it is so!

I could have told you back in 1989, what the Lord spoke to me. I will tell you now: "There's a mighty wind a coming, Ginger! Are you ready for the move of the Lord?" He said that we must be so careful about our response to Him in 'this day'. Please, be aware of the fact that God knew of all of these things coming, long before they actually came. As a matter of fact, in 1999, I received WAR SONGS - just an absolute outpouring of war songs came to me - speaking about these battles that we are just now beginning to experience in the earth (spiritual). These came right in the midst of great prosperity in the (spiritually speaking, as well as in the natural). But look at what has happened on all fronts since that time. I felt totally 'out of sync' back then, hearing all of those strange things. There was no 'warring' going on at that time. But the Spirit of God tells us of things to come before they come, to give us opportunity to ward them off through intercession, and also to prepare/ready ourselves!

What will the end of all this be, in our world, in our day today? Salvation! Ultimately salvation. How far will things go? We'll only know as we watch and pray.

Diligently watch and pray! I strongly urge, encourage, beckon and advise every one of us - to do so! NOW!


The Winds Have Begun to Blow

The Winds Have Begun to Blow
As I was writing the book in the fall, the Lord began to lead me into much reading, all directing me to the word 'axis'. Over and over again, everything I read was something to do with 'axis'.

I knew that He was showing me that the earth would soon be moved from its' axis. He told me that not only would the foundations be moved in the natural realm, but that the spiritual as well as political and economicl foundations in the entire earth, would soon be effected. In other words, the foundations of all things, were getting ready to be moved/removed/shaken.

I was 'shocked' and didn't know whether to believe these things! Were they truly coming from the Spirit of God or not? I know His voice, and even with much less severe messages, it's easy sometimes to question. But this! (Much greater detail is written down in the book for you to read.)

In December of that year (2004), as you may recall, the Tsunami hit in Indonesia. I was so shaken at that report as it established the very thing that the Lord had spoken to me only seven months, earlier! I heard reports on the News stations, that the earth indeed had been moved from it's axis at that time, through that particular tsunami.

May I now call your attention to everything that has taken place since the fall of 2004? I believe, that everything revealed to me in that year, has got to be the truth! I live in a state of sensitivity now - that I did not have before.

In the spring of 2004, when the Lord spoke to me and said, "Quit your job, put your ear to the ground, and I will cause you to hear tremors and shaking going on beneath that others are not hearing ... I had no idea that He meant it in quite those 'literal' terms! Now, I am the one shaking, and trembling.

In studying today (6/18/08) on the shift in the earth, caused by that particular tsunami (2004), it seems to have caused little change scientifically - or so they say. However, look at how many lives were changed. And lets count, and maybe even add up, how many more events of that nature have taken place since, and have claimed the lives of countless thousands more!

Do I believe the content of my book now? Absolutely yes! And it absolutely ALARMS me!

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